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News from Germany:Nur zum Spaß:
****Deutsche Welle Disney Deutsch
****Mein Yahoo      DC  Comics Deutschland
****Stern          Marvel Comics Deutschland
****Hear the news in Plattdeutsch!      
*********Learn Plattdeutsch online! (found it)
****Massenmedien im Netz (moved or missing for the umpteenth time!)
News and Weather in Latin:   
****Nuntii Latini (haec pagina, iterum iterumque mota, etiam molesta est!)
****Tempestas latine
****Hear the news in Latin! (ebenso ärgerlich sind die Bremer!)
Other Educational Sites of Rockwood Teachers
****Herr Shea's Site for Everything German
****My Other Site (not sure I like being an "antiquarian; boo, Geocities!)
Music Links (Did you click on Vil Radio above yet?  Es lohnt sich.)
****Rainmakers (Can you tell I'm a product of 80's Mizzou?)
****Juice Newton
****Judy Collins
****Carly Simon (How could she not tell me first who's so vain?)
****Rosanne Cash
How smart are you?  Find out.  Wissen (Look for "Wie schlau sind Sie?")
Heimatsgegend meiner guten Freundin Hilde Möhren-Lückge
****Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
****Das Museum Roemervilla am Silberberg
****Das Tannenbusch Gymasium, wo Frau Lückge unterrichtet.
(Tour another Roman Villa)
This page was last updated on: May 25, 2021
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Die Fabeln Martin Luthers (Martin Luther's Fables on the way to becoming their own page; back to top)

****Drei Fabeln Luthers modernisiert (Three in modernized German)
****Comparative Versions
********Fuchs und Rabe in den Fassungen Luthers und Lessings verglichen
********Fabeln von Luther und anderen dank dem Gymasium Laurentianum
********Excerpts from Luther's Introduction to His Reworking of Aesop
********Aufbau der typischen Fabel (uses Luther's Frosch und Maus as its exemplar)

Fabulae Aviani (ultimate source for some quite common fables; I'll explain the inclusion later.  It's important.) 
Award-winning materials to read Phaedrus's fables online (Latin summary and glossary built in)
Aesop's Fables in the Townsend translation (I'll explain it all.  Also includes works by L. Frank Baum of Oz fame.)
Language Proficiency (back to top)

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines       
(This is a 6 page .pdf document.  You may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
Once you have downloaded Adobe Reader, the ACTFL document should open automatically. Page 6 contains a useful summary table of proficiency levels.  Pages 4 and  5 contain detailed descriptors for the Intermediate and Novice High levels that should help students identify their level of proficiency.  Read these descriptors prior to our conversations so you will know what is expected to score at the indicated level.)

Herr Abney's Tips for a Successful Interview Page (an entire page of tips and links)

Online Proficiency Tests (not all test oral-aural ability but do give a ranking; Go to the OPI page for more tests.)
****Transparent Language German
****Goethe Institut: Einstufungstest
****Hundreds of English-to-German vocabulary words in test form by Elias Saab
****Transparent Language Latin
****For our monolingual friends, English
****CARLA Tests from University of Minnesota (extremely user unfriendly; every time you back out, you'll have to start over.  Please quit changing the address. To do the computerized practices, you may need to download the free Authorware Software from Micromedia, maker of the Flash Player, so you can trust them.  In order to hear samples, you may need to download the free Real Audio Player.)


What you are looking at above is "Die Alexanderschlacht" ("The Battle of Issus," 1529), depicting Alexander the Great's defeat of the Persian Darius in 333 BC.  As painted by Albrecht Altdorfer, this world- altering battle depicts even the cosmos's joining in the combat.  Altdorfer was the leading representative of the Danube School of the Northern Renaissance and served on the town council of my favorite German city,  Regensburg.  Allegedly the Middle East, the backdrop for the painting is really Altdorfer's Danube- Alpine landscape, where the sky really does look the way it's shown here.  Altdorfer's work is featured throughout my site.  More art and biography about Altdorfer here.
Neues          Novum          New

Was gibt's Neues?  Quid novi?  What's new?   


8-3-14 Debut of Caesar's De bello Gallico Page for AP Latin

1-18-11 AP Vergil's Aeneid Page
Ranked #1 in GoogleTM for "ap aeneid," "ap vergil," and "ap vergil's aeneid"!
Ranked as high as #2 in GoogleTM under "aeneid" overall!
Now with easier to read and locate links and activities + new links and items.
NEW: Nearly 30 online multiple choice sight reading passages in AP style!
NEW: Figure of speech practices for bk. 5!
World's first and only "You Make It" online scansion activity!  Drag and drop the components of the lines.
Practice sight reading with continuosly scrolling passages!
Practice participles from bks. 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12.
Now with more figures of speech in bks. 1, 2, and 4!  How can this be?  Well, that's the difference between literature and an ad for cantaloupes.
Practice figures of speech with English example flashcards.
Test your knowledge of Latin scansion: meter identification and scan verses from the Aeneid online.  No one else offers these practices!
Help test my new figures of speech flashcards (50 of 'em, and you'll only find them here)!
How complex is the Aeneid?  Check out the section (in development) called "Intertextuality and Self-Referentiality in the Aeneid."  You won't believe it till you try it, and  you won't find it anywhere else on the net.
Flashcards for every word in the Pharr edition foldout page!
Flashcards and Principal Parts Practices for the 49 Most Common Verbs!
Flashcards and Principal Parts Practices for Vocabulary Occurring 12-23 Times!
Now with more easily readable font!
Exercises to practice figures of speech in bks. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12!
Examine unusual grammar from bk. 1!
Practice identifying quotes and speakers in bks. 1, 2, 4, 10, 12!
Check out the general translation tips!
Check out the forms of the irregular 1st declension noun Aeneas!
Reading list for the entire year now online!
Now includes exercises developed by Ruth Sameth.
Useful links available, including online Latin text, translations, and audio files.
Verb practices in development; test your knowledge of their principal parts.

4-21-08 Deutsch Drei Seite
NEU: Restored online reading link for "Der Verkäufer und der Elch."
More exercises for "Der Trick"!
Learn about German artists in the red box!
Practices for "Gänsebraten und andere Geschichten" in the green box!
Practice verb-preposition idioms in the yellow box!
Practice retelling "Der Verkäufer und der Elch" a second time!
Practice Relative Pronouns in "Grammatik- und Vokabelübungen" section.
Flashcards for "Der Trick" under "Sonstiges."
Flashcards for "Der verlorene Knirps" in the "Sonstiges" section.
Practice verb principal parts in "Grammatik- und Vokabelnübungen" section.
Flashcards for "Der Stammtisch" and "Sieben Anekdoten" under "Sonstiges."
Practice reflexive verbs with 2 flashcard sets in the "Sonstiges" section!
New verbs irregular weak verbs added to the principal parts table!
Retell "Der Verkäufer und der Elch" and practice word order!
Vocab. flashcards and picture matching for "Der Verkäufer und der Elch."
Conjugate the 20 most common verbs in German online!
Practice perfect tense of irregular verbs with 6 exercises.
Practice and review the dative prepositions in 3 new exercises.
Green Accusative and Dative Preposition handouts available as html files.

8-22-07 One of only a few webpages for geni@l B1
Created today, this page will help German learners who use the geni@l series.

8-18-07 New page for Classical Mythology
This page accompanies and supplements the new myth class at Marquette.

3-27-07 AP Ovid Page
Somehow ranked #1 in GoogleTM!
NEW: AP-style online multiple choice quizzes!
Figures of speech practices for all the Metamorphoses selections!
Materials for figures of speech all the Amores.
Useful links for Latin text, English and German translations, and scholarship.

3-25-07 AP Catullus Page
Recently ranked #1, but shouldn't be higher than #2 in GoogleTM!
Figures of speech matching for 64, 65, 68, 69, 76, 77, 85, 109, 116.
Check out the materials for Catullus 64, new to the 05 syllabus:
figures of speech
vocabulary flashcards
information on framing in the bedspread episode
Try the hyperlinked sample of Catullus 65 for translation help.
Practice figures of speech in Catullus with new flashcards (they include tips on interpreting the poems)!
Test your knowledge of Latin meters in Catullus!  No one else has these items.

3-12-07 Märchenseite
Alle Links aktuell!  (Links alle 2, 3 Wochen nachgeprüft) 
Noch mehr zum Thema "Märchenzüge".
Viele neue Übungen und nützliche Links.
Teste deine Kenntnisse: Hans im Glück.
Vokabelübungen, Leselernkarten und Bildleselernkarten für "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten", "Den Fischer und seine Frau", "Rotkäppchen", "Aschenputtel", und "Hans im Glück"!
Im Entstehen: Neue Übungen für Rumpelstilzchen!
Im Enstehen: Weiteres zum Thema Märchenzüge!
Im Enstehen: Die einzige kommentierte Übersetzung des Märchens "Der Teufel mit drei goldenen Haaren" ins Englische!

3-08-07 Till Eulenspiegel Seite
The new page for Till Eulenspiegel is up and running!
Vocabulary practices, useful links for several prominent adventures.

8-24-06 New material for Ecce Romani 1
With 800 exercises + links, this is the world's  #1 site for Ecce Romani 1!
NEW: Mythquest and myth reading comprehension tests in ch. 9!
Additional noun practices in the final chapters!
Mini-webquests on Roman home (ch. 7) and aqueducts (ch. 23)!
Practices for future tense (after ch. 23) and pluperfect/fut. perfect (in and after ch. 24)!
Numerous accusative practices in ch. 4!
Practice Roman clothing in ch. 3!
Practice 1st, 2nd, and 3rd declension forms in ch. 11.
Track the family tree of Romulus and Remus in Review Section II.
Practice vocabulary with pictures from the textbook in ch. 12!
Test the world's first online audio exercises for Ecce Romani in chs. 5 & 7!
Final Exam Section now allows review of ALL VOCABULARY in the book!
Each Review section allows practices of all vocabulary from preceding chapters: spelling races, jigsaw matching, word web, and concentration-style matching!
NOW with real macrons in every chapter!
PILOT unique online composition exercises in chs. 3 and 4!
NOW with VOCABULARY FLASHCARDS for every chapter of the book!
NOW with picture matching & PICTURE FLASHCARDS for every chapter!
Online vocabulary flashcards with real macrons for every chapter in the book!
Practice classroom expressions and imperatives in ch. 10!
Section to practice present tense after ch. 10!
Special section to practice perfect tense after ch. 20.
Practice third declension adjectives in ch. 18.
Practice noun-adjective combinations in ch. 17.
Do online conversíons into Roman numerals after ch. 15.
Review the Seven Legendary Kings in two multiple choice exercises.
Decline the forms of one, two, three, and one thousand in ch. 15.
Practice principal parts of nouns in chs. 1-20 and of verbs in chs. 1-20, 22, 24-27!
Practice hic and ille in Latin sentences in ch. 26 and get case help!
Practice is, ea, id in ch. 27.
Now incorporating exercises by Mrs. Pat Kessler in nearly every chapter.
Practice 4th and 5th declensions online!
Principal Parts chart now updated with macrons & variants from the textbook

8-24-06 New Exercises for Ecce Romani 2
With 500 exercises + links to more, this is the #1 site for Ecce Romani 2 !
Review all vocab (4 ways to do it) in Reviews VII-XII!
Review all vocab in the book in the whole book review section!
Review all vocab in both Ecce 1 and 2 in the whole book review section!
Practice vocabulary with pictures from the textbook in ch. 28!
24 new exercises to practice passive voice formation!
New vocabulary exercises for chs. 49-54!
PILOT a unique new style of composition exercise online in ch. 49!
New chapter FLASHCARDS online for chs. 28-49!  More on the way.
PICTURE FLASHCARDS for select vocabulary in chs. 28-31, 33, 37, 40-42, 49, and Review XI!
ABLATIVE ABSOLUTE: Great help and practice in chs. 44 and 45!
INDIRECT STATEMENT: Practices and help in 46 and 48!
Understanding the Roman calendar available in ch. 36 (click the globe).
Online calendar conversion in ch. 36 courtesy of Michael Kennedy.
Practice deponents at regular intervals throughout the page!
Practice formation of comparative and superlative in chs. 34 and 35!
Practice all tenses of passive voice in chs. 30 and 32!
Practice rooms of a Roman villa in ch. 29!  (created by Kameron Zach)
Additional multiple choice items for relative pronouns in ch. 28!
Now incorporating review links by Mrs. Ruth Sameth.
Now incorporating exercises by Mrs. Pat Kessler in initial chapters.
Principal parts of every verb in Ecce Romani 2.
Practice principal parts for verbs in chs. 28-45 online.
Practice irregular adjectives and adverbs in chs. 34 and 35.
Practices for imperfect and pluperfect subjunctive in ch. 42.
Practice formation of all participles in ch. 45.
All deponent verbs in Ecce 2 & Cambridge 3 online!
All semideponent verbs online!

8-19-06 The World's Only Page for Our Latin Heritage 2!
Currently 200 exercises + conceptual help and useful links!
All links up to date!
NEW: Sample online Hercules project by one of my students.  Really cool!
Practice 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th conjugation verbs with flashcards in ch. 6!
Practice relative pronouns with two quizzes over Hercules in ch. 5!
ABLATIVE ABSOLUTE: Special translation practices in chs. 1-3 and 12!
Now with vocabulary flashcards for chs. 1-17!
Caesar translation hints online in 2 formats!  Great homework help!
Great links for Julius Caesar and the Roman legion!
Vocabulary through ch. 17 and principal parts practices through ch. 15!
Subjunctive formation in chs. 9-12!
Practice infinitives and indirect statement completion in ch. 7!
Practice participle formation in ch. 8!
Practice relative pronoun forms online in chapter 5.
Now Complete: review basic noun vocabulary for for all declensions in ch. 1!
Practice endings for all declensions in ch. 1.
Check out the principal part practices for chs. 1-14.
Identify the 12 Labors of Hercules.
Understanding the Roman calendar at the bottom of the page (click the globe).

7-13-06 Pallas Athene: Main Classics Page
All links updated!  Now with neater, easier-to-follow organization!

7-13-06 New page for Athenaze (Marquette Greek club)
Created on 1-03-04, this page (usually ranked #8 on GoogleTM) will feature flashcards and practices found nowhere else on the net!
Free font link for Greek!
LATEST ADDITIONS: World's first online listening test for Ancient Greek!  World's first onine picture matching & online picture flashcards for Greek!
NEW: Additional useful links to online practices.
NEW: Translate Greek to English online!
Type accented Greek online in select activities!
Review and practice accenting online!
Learn the alphabet and colors in an intro section!
Practice transliteration into the Greek alphabet in the intro!
Currently with exercises for Chapter 1-4a!

10-03-05 Vergil's Verb Tips
NEW: Participle practices via Vergil also included here.
Help for users of Cambridge Latin Course: principal parts in .pdf files.
Regular verb formations (the legendary purple sheets) as .pdf files.
Deponent practices now on this page as well as Ecce 2.
Comparison charts of regular and deponent verbs!
Now including gerunds and gerundives at last!
Original versions of all Purple Vergil's Verb Tips handouts now available as html files on both this page and Our Latin Heritage 2.

9-26-05 New Page for Generic German
Practice vocabulary and more on this page unconnected with any textbook.  Great for beginners (Anfänger) and as review for German 3!
Practice interrogatives and question formation.
Practice body parts.
Practice clothing, colors, and adjective endings.
Practice foods.
Practice home vocabulary.
Practice holiday vocabulary.
Practice business German.
Practice verb conjugation in present tense.

1-09-05 Komm mit 3
Currently ranked #7 in GoogleTM!
Over 40 exercises to work with the story "Ein Tisch ist ein Tisch" in Kapitel 4!
Many materials for Kapitel 6 Stufe 1!
Practice Kapitel 2 Stufe 2 Vokabeln in multiple choice format.
Flashcards and picture flashcards for picnics in Kapitel 2!
New verbs irregular weak verbs added to the principal parts table!
Picture flashcards for fruits and vegetables in Kapitel 1!
Vocab. multiple choice and online flashcards!
Practice Kapitel 1 Stufe 1 Vokabeln in 2 cloze exercises!
Principal Parts Table on this page and the Deutsch 3 Seite.
Die Seite wird durchgehend revidiert und erweitert werden.

12-12-04  Immersion Institute
Links wieder aktuell!
Ich möchte mich bei euch für die Teilnahme am Intensivkurs-Deutsch bedanken.
Auf baldiges Wiedersehen!

12-01-04 Adjektive Endungen Page
After a year, check out new exercises + corrections to typos!
Try the drag and drop phrase builders.
Now with a Schlüssel/Key for picking endings: If you can answer 2 questions, you can always pick the right adjective ending.
Featuring select exercises by Hogne Vindenes of Norway

6-21-04 Ecce Romani 1 Principal Parts Page
NOW with real macrons and variants from textbook and Lewis and Short!

1-23-04  NT Greek Page (based on J. Voelz's Fundamental Greek Grammar)
Created on 9-21-03, this page already has vocabulary flashcards, form identifications, and translation practices through Chapter 21!
Typos corrected!
Now practice transliteration into Greek letters!

9-21-03 Latin Subjunctive
Ranked #1 in GoogleTM!
Everything developed for Latin II and III concerning subjunctive will now appear on this page as well.
NEW: Try Mr. A's unique take on sequence of tenses and a quiz.
Practice changing indicative forms into the corresponding subjunctive.

3-25-03 Verb Conjugation Page
Now containing the purple verb formation sheets in .pdf format.

3-25-03 Noun Declension Page
Now with the first of the famous red sheets in .pdf form.

9-07-02 Exciting News!
With the kind permission of Mrs. Pat Kessler, Ms. Ruth Sameth, and Mrs. Debby Borg, this site has incorporated direct links links to many of their exercises and practices for Ecce 1, Ecce 2, and Vergil's Aeneid.  Simply go to the desired chapter or book on the appropriate web page to find lists of their activities blended into my own.  Plurimas gratias ago to these colleagues for their collaborative spirit.

These additions should greatly enhance your one-stop shopping for the best in Latin practice.

Other Instructors, Take Note: Please contact me at the e-mail address to the right if you have links or exercises that you feel would be of benefit.

8-17-02 Salmon Syllabi handouts available on Deutsch 3, Ecce 1 & 2, Our Latin Heritage 2, and Aeneid pages.

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