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Kevin Wednesday, 11/30/05, 6:58 PM Yo man great site I love it! The spelling drills really help out with my tests and my home work. You did a good job of making this site. –Kevin From: Washington, DC E-mail: language(s) consulted: Persian, Spanish, Latin

Kimberly Thursday, 1/23/03, 1:53 PM This website is great. Thanks! From: Ontario, Ca E-mail: language(s) consulted: Latin

Dragon Lady Tuesday, 12/10/02, 1:50 PM

I guess it's Mr. T Thursday, 11/21/02, 9:45 PM Okay, Dom. And how about I call you, um, Dom in class? How would that be?

Dom Thursday, 11/21/02, 5:21 PM Wus-Up Mr. T... I like that. Mr. T, has a good ring, be sure to expect me to call you that in class

Jesse Eide Monday, 11/18/02, 7:54 AM do you have a list of 3rd decleciion (?) nouns that you can send me an E-Mail!!!! From: Sioux falls SD E-mail:

Jesse Eide Monday, 11/18/02, 7:36 AM Thanks for the site it is really helping From: Sioux Falls SD. USA E-mail: language(s) consulted: Latin

Jeremy Thursday, 11/7/02, 8:09 AM wow this site is pretty good at 10 in the morning and also every other hour of the day From: Ballwin E-mail:

Mike Henry Wednesday, 11/6/02, 11:58 AM There was a Tim Abney at Rock Bridge High School some years ago. He knew Latin and German. The email system is down so this is the only way to contact you. I'm not sure if you are the person I am looking for, but you sure do fit the description. Great web site also. Thanks, Mike From: Columbia, MO E-mail: language(s) consulted: Deutsch

Jon Oxford Tuesday, 11/5/02, 8:02 PM I am not a student of yours, but I have found your site very useful. I applaud your efforts to teach others such a wonderful language. Danke Danke. From: Columbia, MO E-mail: on the site listing language(s) consulted: Deutsch

Joy Collins Tuesday, 10/15/02, 8:24 PM Mr? Abney, GRATIAS MAXIMAS TIBI for creating this site. Mei discipuli tuas paginas amant! Etiam ego! Gratias, Gratias, Gratias. Magistra Joy Collins From: Fountain Valley School of Colorado Web Site: Fountain Valley School E-mail: language(s) consulted: Latin & Deutsch

Anthony Monday, 10/14/02, 11:07 AM Hey Mr. Abney your site helped out a lot thanx a million.

Simon op den Brouw Wednesday, 10/9/02, 6:25 AM Only just beginning to explore but looks useful, moreover, thorough. Been learning Latin (self taught so far) through Wheeler's (US) book, partly to help my daughter studying Latin at school and partly to enable me (ultimately) to read Latin authors with some degree of fluency and in particular to study some of the roots of Christianity. Been going for a year so far, and still enjoying it. Spend about 45 minutes each day, sometimes more. Very satisfying to (sometimes) see the meaning of a few sentences/paragraph stright away, but that is one area where repetitive practice and this site will help to build up greater familiarity with contexts and all those little pesky words. Vielen Dank fur deine Arbeit! Gratias ago. From: UK, Netherlands E-mail: language(s) consulted: Latin

Tuesday, 10/8/02, 8:57 AM oh my gosh i love this site. this place is awesome it helped me so much with latin thank you mr. abney. .

Hassan Mohebbi Monday, 5/27/02, 11:09 PM I am looking for Persian proficiency test. From: Iran E-mail:

Carley Wednesday, 5/22/02, 5:39 PM Mr.Abney!!! i just want to say thanks for all the teaching you did for us in 5th hour (we may not look like were listening, but we are!! welll.. except for mabey sean... or leah..) we may have not been the BEST class.. (what am i saying? we were the WORST clss) but face it, you loved it, even leah's jokes.. well mabey not that.. but im sure we all just want to say thanks, except for Kameron and Ben (and Susan) who want to give you a big hug!!! -All your latin one students, except for sean who was sleeping. and leah, who makes too many stupid jokes for me to mention here. and we cant forget Aaron and Lance who talk all the time, and susan, well she's just far too loud.. Quintin, too quite.. Ben, too weird, Keri.. too smart for her own good... Jenna, cleverer than she looks... Cody.. we can never see him (too much camo!!) Kameron.. too many your mamma jokes.. and Jacob, stop playing with that palm pilot!! I guess thats all of us.. in 5th hour, and me? well... im the PERFECT one. (snicker snicker)

Jessica Mahr Tuesday, 5/21/02, 7:16 PM Hey Mr. Abney! Thanks for this year. I really learned a lot, although I know I wasn't the best student in your class (So I was your second favorite,:)....just kidding). ANYWAYS, thank you for this whole year! Maybe I'll see you in Frau Hotze's class. Tschüß! ~Jessica From: My house language(s) consulted: Deutsch

Nick Tuesday, 5/21/02, 11:28 AM WAS HAST DU GEMACHT!!!!! Das ist schön, JA?!?!?! Us erikians er some her hicks... HAYUCK!!!!!!!!! From: Eureka High School Web Site: Hillgod's Pas E-mail: language(s) consulted: German; Japanese; Russian

Ryan Mulheirn Tuesday, 4/30/02, 12:24 PM Hallo Herr Abney, Ich bin nicht in die Schule heute. Ich fühle mich nicht wohl. Ich wette dass Deutch Klasse sehr langwillig heute ist. Tschüss From: My House language(s) consulted: Deutsch

Jon Fox Friday, 4/26/02, 12:06 PM I want to see the picture where you are in college, I want to see that alot, I'm going to look for it now, and yeah, bubye From: second computer from the right in your classroom Web Site: Jon E-mail: language(s) consulted: all of them

dom Tuesday, 4/23/02, 1:31 PM Hey Mr. Abney, I'm here trying to buy a girlfriend. Actually right now im waiting to be talked to in your class, listening to Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath. Alrighty, talk to you later. From: STL

LINDSAY Thursday, 4/18/02, 7:44 PM Hey Mr. Abney, I was on here attempting to buy a husband again, actually I'm working on the best research paper in the world, so I just thought I'd sign in. I know Meghan would want me to tell you high;0P See ya in class From: St. Louis language(s) consulted: LATIN III

achillies Tuesday, 4/16/02, 6:15 PM hey mr abney, im doin more research but im having trouble because im not sure how to make an argument between norse and greek mythology, alrighty see you in class on thursday

Skissers Tuesday, 4/9/02, 10:37 AM Hey, i really like your links to the Wonder Woman page... she is hott... Yeah, i have like all her comics.... wow... nice site From: Oaklahoma E-mail:

Dom Valenti Sunday, 4/7/02, 5:36 PM hey mr abney, im at home!!!!!!!!!!!!! From: Ballwin Web Site: dom

Kammy and Lauren Thursday, 4/4/02, 2:38 PM Hey hey. We love you Mr. Abney!! -Kammy and Lauren From: Mr. Abney's House (we're adopted) E-mail:, language(s) consulted: Latin


laterrica mallory Thursday, 3/21/02, 9:04 AM i really like this page it is so unique. good job From: naples italy Web Site: g sus n us E-mail: www.mallory ministries @

Dragonlady Saturday, 3/9/02, 3:41 PM Totally awesome! From: Tartaros

Carley the pirate Friday, 3/1/02, 11:53 AM Hi Mr.Abney. How Are you? i decided to sign while doing latin pratices! ...... yeah. thats all i really wanted to say. Jenna says hello. Bye.

Kami Tuesday, 2/26/02, 11:01 AM Hey Sr. abney cuáles son usted que hace? Conjetura quiénes éste es? Su su amigacho Kameron? Ben está aquí también. Él dice alto. From: Your Classroom Web Site: Monkeyville E-mail: language(s) consulted: Latin