Chinese Language and Culture
(Exploring the worlds of German, Latin, Ancient Greek, classical mythology, and now Chinese on the worldwide web)
Unit 1 (Greetings and Expressions of Courtesy)
1.Listening Quiz (pinyin)

Unit 2 (Classroom)
1.English-Pinyin Matching 1
2.Jigsaw Matching (characters and pinyin)
3.Concentration Matching (characters and pinyin)
4.Picture Matching 1 (characters and pinyin)
5.Picture Matching 2 (characters and pinyin)
6.Picture Matching 3 (characters and pinyin)
7.Picture Matching 4 (characters and pinyin)
8.Flashcards (characters and pinyin)
9.Picture Flashcards (characters and pinyin)

Unit 3 (Numbers)
1.Jigsaw Sound Matching
2.Concentration Sound Matching (pinyin)
3.Listen and Spell (write the English for the Chinese you hear)
4.Number Flashcards (characters and pinyin)
5.Number Quiz: Transform characters into pinyin.
6.Math Flashcards (characters and English)
7.Math Flashcards (characters and pinyin)

Unit 6 (Family)
1.Family Matching (pinyin and English)
2.Family Quiz (type pinyin for the given word)

Unit 7 (Animals and Zodiac)
1.Picture Flashcards (characters and pinyin)
2.Chinese Zodiac Matching (characters and pinyin)
3.Chinese Zodiac Order: Jigsaw Matching
4.Chinese Zodiac Order: Concentration Matching
5.Chinese Zodiac Order: Speedspell
6.Chinese Zodiac Traits: Jigsaw Matching
7.Chinese Zodiac Traits: Concentration Matching
8.Chinese Zodiac Traits: Speedspell

Unit 8 (Occupations)
1.Pinyin Jigsaw Matching: Occupations
2.Pinyin Concentration Matching: Occupations
3.Pinyin Wordweb Spelling: Occupations
4.Pinyin Speedspell: Occupations

Unit 9 (Food)
1.Picture Matching 1 (characters and pinyin)

Unit 10 (Calligraphy)
1.Stroke Order Quiz

Unit 11 (Body and Health)
1.Pinyin Jigsaw Matching: Body
2.Pinyin Concentration Matching: Body
3.Pinyin Speedspell: Body (in three speeds)
4.Jigsaw Matching: Body (characters and pinyin)
5.Concentration Matching: Body (characters and pinyin)
6.Picture Flashcards: Body (characters and pinyin)

Unit 12 (Clothing)
1.Picture Flashcards (characters and pinyin)

Unit 13 (Time and Colors)
1.Picture Flashcards: Colors (includes characters and pinyin)
2.Time Matching (match clocks with times in pinyin)

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