Latin I:
Here's some grammar assistance you may need to complete your makeup project.
1.  Any verb form ending in --avit is in perfect tense.  This normally translates into English as the --ed form of the verb.  Example: ambulavit = he/she walked.  The notes give pretty good help on many of these forms.
2.  Any verb form ending in -abat is in imperfect tense. This normally translates into English as the "was --ing" form of the verb.  Example: ambulabat = he/she was walking.  The notes are also helpful here.
3.  erat = was.  aberat = imperfect/past of absum.
Vocabulary Tips:
If you cannot find it in the vocabulary notes at the bottom of the page, try your textbook.  If it is not there or you left your textbook at school, which was a mistake, consult this online dictionary.  Use it carefully.  Simple Latin Dictionary.  A few entries may not be available in this small resource.  You may also consult the online Lewis Dictionary, but it goes way beyond the needs of Latin I.  Remember that you need to look up the first principal parts of verbs (dormio, not dormiebat) and the nominative singular of nouns (forum, not foro) or you may be out of luck.
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Latin II
Here's a vocabulary list to help with the reading.  It may not provide you with every word you need.

arcus, --us: 4th decl masc.; bow
bracchium, --i: 2nd neut.; forearm, arm
comprimo, comprimere, compressi, compressus: 3rd conj.;
densus/a/um: thick, close (a Cambridge word)
expio: 1st conj.; atone for
fauces, --ium: 3rd decl. fem. pl.; throat, jaws
infestus/a/um: unsafe, dangerous
intendo, intendere, intendi, intentus: 3rd conj.; stretch, aim
leo, --onis: NO HELP on this one!
oraculum, --i: NO HELP here, either!  An old culture question.
pellis, --is: 3rd decl. fem.; hide, skin
prehendo, prehendere, prehendi, prehensus: 3rd conj.; grasp,
quotannis: yearly
sagitta, --ae: 1st decl. fem.; arrow
transfigo, transfigere, transfixi, transfixus: 3rd conj.; pierce
                                          through (another Cambridge word)
vestis, --is: 3rd decl. fem.; clothing, garment

If you need plus auxilii, first consult your textbook.  If you require further assistance, try one of these online dictionaries.  Start with the smaller one first.  Remember to look according to first principal parts and nominative singular forms.

1.  Handy Online Reference Dictionary

2.  Lewis's Elementary Latin Dictionary