In the Footsteps of Hercules



Design a travel brochure or guidebook, a board game, a pop up book, a website, or some other format approved by the teacher that fulfills the following goals:


1.  Traces the life and labors of Hercules;


2.  Educates the audience about major relevant geographical features of

     Hercules's life;


3.  Reflects travel practices and accommodations at a set phase of the Roman



4.  Highlights the attractions of the various locations discussed;


5.  Uses Latin for major headings or features and culturally appropriate details

     (e.g., prices in denarii, foods actually eaten at the time, did a well-known

     road actually exist where you want to go? distances in Roman miles).


Use print and internet resources to compile your background information.  Find the actual sites of the labors and life.  Select pictures or photos that are not anachronistic.  Develop a motif or guiding theme for your design.  Determine distances between locations and rate of travel.  Estimate costs.  Locate the interesting tidbits that are the makings of an interesting tour.  Offer a side option (e.g., "Theseus, The Junior Hercules," "Other Heroic Children of Jupiter," "Hercules in Rome").