The Founding of Rome, Part Two

Type the letter of the identifying phrase on the right that matches the name on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all right (incorrect answers will be cleared).

1. Silvius a. goddess whom Rhea Silvia served
2. Lavinia b. grandfather of Romulus and Remus
3. 300 years c. first settlement founded by the Aeneas clan in Italy
4. Vesta d. another name for Ascanius
5. Latium e. third settlement found by the Aeneas clan in Italy
6. Turnus f. god of war and father of the twins
7. Lavinium g. princess of the Latins
8. Iulus h. prince who opposed the marriage of Aeneas and Latinus's daughter
9. Mars i. territory in Italy where Aeneas settled
10. Numitor j. grandfather of Ascanius
11. Anchises k. length of time Aeneas's descendants ruled Alba Longa
12. Rome l. son of Ascanius and second king of Alba Longa