The Founding of Rome

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1. Latinus a. hills where Rome was first settled
2. Sibyl of Cumae b. mother of Romulus and Remus
3. Faustulus c. led Aeneas through the underworld
4. Lavinium d. river on which Rome is located
5. Aventine & Palatine e. city founded by Aeneas in Italy
6. Amulius f. twins who founded Rome
7. Rhea Silvia g. a.k.a. Iulus, Aeneas's son
8. Ascanius h. settlement founded by Aeneas's son
9. Romulus & Remus i. wrongful ruler of Alba Longa
10. Tiber j. deposed king of Alba Longa
11. Alba Longa k. king whose daughter married Aeneas
12. Numitor l. shepherd who found the twins