Legendary Heroes

Type the letter of the phrase on the right that best matches the one on the left. Click the "correction" button to see if they are all right (incorrect answers will be cleared).

1. piętâs a. returned to the Etruscans only to be honored as the greatest Roman hero
2. Tarquinius Superbus b. singlehandedly defended a Roman bridge from the Etruscan advance
3. Cloelia c. Etruscan king who led an attack on Rome at the goading of Tarquinius Superbus
4. Pons Sublicius d. given cognomen Scaevola ("Lefty") after burning off his right hand as a sign of bravery
5. dictator e. unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate the Etruscan king
6. Cloelia´s fate f. deposed 7th king who stirred up trouble with the Etruscans
7. Cincinnatus g. enemies besieging the Roman army at Mt. Algidus until Cincinnatus arrived
8. Gaius Mucius h. a six-month appointment as emergency head of the Roman state
9. Horatius Cocles i. demonstrated piętâs by giving up his power after saving the Roman army
10. Lars Porsenna j. doing one´s duty to the gods, state, and family
11. Aequi k. built by Ancus Marcius, this bridge was the sight of Horatius's famous "last stand"
12. Gaius Mucius´s fate l. Roman maiden who led the escape from the enemy camp