Reverse the Meaning

Transform each nominative noun to accusative and accusative noun to nominative. Then tell what your new sentence means. Don't get caught in the word order trap. Pay attention to forms. Watch capitalization and punctuation when you type.

1. Puella puerum videt.

Your Rewrite: 

The girl sees the boy.
The boy sees the girl.

2. Servum Flavia audit.

Your Rewrite: 

Flavia hears the slave.
The slave hears Flavia.

3. Marcus Corneliam amat.

Your Rewrite: 

Cornelia likes Marcus.
Marcus likes Cornelia.

4. Davus terret Sextum.

Your Rewrite: 

Davus frightens Sextus.
Sextus frightens Davus.

5. Flaviam vexat Sextus.

Your Rewrite: 

Flavia annoys Sextus.
Sextus annoys Flavia.

6. Marcum Cornelia conspicit.

Your Rewrite: 

Marcus catches sight of Cornelia.
Cornelia catches sight of Marcus.

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