Was haben diese Leute alles an? Tell in the given order what each of the following individuals is wearing. Follow the example and watch out for correct punctuation. Use the table and links provided below for assistance.

Special Color Words
Base Form Attributive Use* Example as Attributive Adjective
rosa rosarot Der rosarote Panther
orange orangefarben eine orangefarbene Kürbislaterne
lila "lila" with no ending die lila Farbe
*attributive adjective = in front of the noun

For help identifying the articles of clothing, click here.

For help with the correct form of the indefinite article to use, click here.

For help with colors, click here.

EXAMPLE: Was trägt Natalie?

Natalie trägt ein gelbes Kleid, einen blauen und gelben Hut und (ein Paar) grüne Schuhe.

1. Was hat Karl alles an? NOTE: Jeans are blue, so you don't have to say it.

2. Was hat Ahmed alles an?

3. Was hat Martina alles an?

4. Was hat Katrin alles an?

5. Was hat Sonja alles an? NOTE: No color needed for jeans, and please describe the shirt as "red and white."

6. Was hat Kai alles an? NOTE: Please describe the outerwear in this order: shirt, tie (eine Krawatte), pants.